Fire Protection Syetem

Fire Protection Syetem

Fire Pump Systems, as required by law, require inspection, testing and maintenance. And equipment for fire prevention and suppression Be ready at any time

The company has standardized. วสท To verify, test and maintain the customer, we ensure that. Equipment in your fire system. It will work correctly.

Tools used to monitor fire pump systems.

Photo Tachometer Stroboscope
Engine Mounts, Fire .
Water pressure gauge
Water pressure gauge at the fire extinguisher 2 1/2”
Midtronics MDX-P300
Digital battery analyzer with Printable results.
Ultrasonic Flowmeter
Water Flow Rate Tester.

Scope of inspection of the fire pump system.

Battery system

Check the distilled water level. Measure battery power / monitor cable condition. And battery terminals Tighten the connector with the grease. And clean.

Diesel Engine System

Check the condition and oil level / check the fuel filter.

Air filter, check and replace

Check the condition of the air cleaner.

Cooling system

Check the water level in the radiator. Check for leaks Check the piping of the cooling system. Check the fan belt system And cooling water pump system.

  • - Test Drain water mixed with diesel oil in diesel filter.
  • - Check the water tank And water level.
  • - Check the condition and test Jockey Pump performance.

Important steps to keep the fire pump running at full capacity.

  • - Check the condition of the water tank. Water level in the tank And the condition of the hose.
  • - Check Jockey Pump condition and test performance. With pressure gauge.

Check and test the performance of the Fire Pump Control System.

Important steps to keep the fire pump running at full capacity.

Check external device condition.
  • - OS&Y Gate Valve Output of the open
  • - Supervisory Switch In position N/O
  • - Inspection and Check Valve of the output pipeline.
  • - Check Flexible Joint of the input and output
  • - Flow Meter of pipe on the side of Bypass Valve
  • - Inspection Automatic Air Vent

Performance Testing of Fire Pump Systems, Shaft Assembly, Gauge Workings And clean the fire pump.
  • - Check the condition and performance.
  • - Check the condition and performance of the engine, maintenance.
  • - Check the temperature of the Fire Pump during the test.

Inspection, testing and maintenance of fire sprinkler cabinets.
  • - Test the water injection from the FHC cabinet.
  • - Measure the flow rate of fire water at the fire hydrant.
  • - Check and test the FHC open water valve.

Performance test According to the standards of วสท.
  • - Install the flow meter with Ultrasonic Flowmeter.
  • - Connect the Ultrasonic Flowmeter to the receiver.
  • - Evaluate Ultrasonic Flowmeter Test Machine
  • - Speed measurement at processing time of Performance Test Fire Pump
  • - Flow rate test on 0% Rated
  • - Flowmeter
    • - Flow rate test on 150% Rated
    • - Read the Pressure Gauge Pressure Payload output.
    • - Check the water condition of the reservoir.

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