Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm System

Maintenance service By using a standardized testing instrument, the SOLO brand can be used to display the results accurately.

Tools used to monitor fire alarms.

SOLO 461 Heat Detector
Wireless Heat Detector
SOLO 330 Smoke Detector
Wireless Smoke Detector
UNI-T U207A Multimeter
Digital Multimeter
Smoke Check
Chemistry Test Smoke Detector
Solo Checkkit Detector Tester
Spray Test Smoke Detector
SOLO 200 Removal Tool
Detector Removal Header Tool

Scope of testing fire alarm systems

Test the Fire Alarm Control Panel to display smoke and heat detectors from the Heat and Smoke Detector.

Test of Manual Station & Alarm Bell Test Heat Detector, Smoke Detector, Lighting Smoke Detector

Test of backup system of control unit of Fire Alarm Control Panel

cleaning Smoke Detector and Heat Detector